Canvas Media

download (1)A canvas print is the result of an image onto the canvas. It maybe stretched or gallery wrapped onto a frame and displayed. The canvas print is also known as canvas art or stretched canvas.

Generally the the material used for such type of printing is cotton. The alternative of cotton canvas is plastic based poly canvas, which costs less than the cotton material. This printing is associated with inkjet printing process often known as Giclée. The qualities of a good canvas are that it is durable and fast drying. A good quality printing can last for a long time. Many printers claim that their high quality canvas printings will last for over 75 years. Another quality of such type of a print is that it is water resistant.

This print can be either stretched or outstretched. You can get it in either form. The benefit of stretched canvas is that you do not have to wrap it yourself on the frame. You can get it done the professionals of printing company. On the other hand the benefit of unwrapped canvas is that it is easy to ship from one place to another. It is also cheaper to ship unwrapped canvas because of savings in insurance and freight costs.

There are generally four types of stretched canvas prints which the printers offer. These are briefly discussed below: 
• Stretched Edge: A pixel from the edge is stretched so that it gives a blurred stretch color from the front colors. 250c86621191b34bbbd8fdafc4ad692f
• Mirror Stretch: If the image has a background landscape, it can be wrapped in such a way that the edge seems as a continuation of the front image. 
• Colored Wrap: A dominant color from the image is taken and used to fill the wrap of the stretched canvas. 
• Multiple panel wrap: For multiple panel wrap the canvas printing is overlapped on the wrap so that when the wall is approached from a side, it all looks like a single image.

A good quality canvas print does not have any dots in it. On the other hand a low quality cheap canvas print usually has dots and poor definition. If a good quality canvas is compared to a cheaper canvas printers or chain store canvases, a great difference can be seen.

Many printers offer services for color changes and manipulation of elements. They usually charge additional fee for these changes and manipulations. It costs less for asking changes immediately after taking the photo shot than asking for changes later on.

imagesModern large format printers are capable of canvas printing. They can print on canvas rolls measuring 60 inches or more. Printers, such as HP Designjet z6100 and the Epson Stylus Pro 9880, are capable of printing directly on canvas media. Usually the weight of a printed canvas for wall is about 400 grams.